Marvel Releases Mysterious 2099 Teaser

During a retailer event at Comi-Con International in San Diego Friday, Marvel Comics teased a return to the 2099 timeline.

The announcement comes off the heels of Spider-Man 2099's return to comics in this month's Amazing Spider-Man #25. With the tease, his reappearance may be part of something much bigger than just a simple cameo. Marvel released the following image, slating the book or event for a November 2019 release date.

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Beginning in 1992, Marvel 2099 featured futuristic takes on well-known characters like Dr. Doom, Punisher and Spider-Man -- although the line also featured new characters like Ravage. Spider-Man 2099 was the breakout book of the series and its protagonist, Miguel O'Hara, would go on to appear in Marvel titles long after the series had ended.

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Before his recent appearance in Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man #25, O'Hara also appeared in two of his own solo books, both set in the then-current Marvel 616 universe. The character also appeared briefly in events like writer Dan Slott's Spider-Verse. The futuristic hero even scored an after-credits cameo in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie where he was voiced by Oscar Isaac. However, the character isn't a mainstay for the 616 and is mostly confined to appearances few and far between.

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Aside from O'Hara, the 2099 Universe hasn't made waves in years, making this return a huge one for fans. Little is known at the moment, but it looks like Nick Spencer's current run of Amazing Spider-Man will pave the way for 2099's November comeback.

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