Marvel: The 10 Most Powerful Heroes Of Marvel 2099, Ranked

There have been many alternate universes, future timelines and multiverse events in the pages of Marvel Comics over the years. From events like Secret Wars and Spider-Verse to the constant time travel adventures of the X-Men, Marvel Comics is home to many tales of alternate and future versions of heroes and villains alike.

One of those futures is known as Marvel 2099, a future timeline that has more recently been discovered to be the main Marvel Universe’s future. Popularized by Spider-Man 2099, there are many powerful heroes in this future. Here are the ten most powerful heroes of the Marvel 2099 universe, ranked.

10 Punisher

No future in the Marvel Universe would feel complete without some version of the ultimate anti-hero, the Punisher. The Marvel 2099 version of The Punisher is Jake Gallows, a former member of the Church of Thor and employee of Public Eye Police Force, who charged citizens money to protect them.

After losing his mother, brother and sister-in-law to Kron Stone, the son of businessman Tyler Stone, Jake found the War Journal of Frank Castle, and took it upon himself to become the New Punisher, ending Kron, who later became Venom 2099. He later worked under President Doom and created a brutal police force.

9 Captain America

There have been a couple of different versions of Captain America in 2099, but for this list let’s focus on Roberta Mendez, created by Alchemex during Secret Wars and patrolling the 2099 sector of Battleworld. Forced to take the Super-Soldier Serum by her husband, Roberta became the leader of Alchemex’s Avengers.

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Captain America and Roberta are two separate personalities in the same body, with Roberta unaware of her other half. She physically and mentally changes into Captain America when the words “Avengers Assemble” are uttered. She returns to the main Marvel Universe and works for Miguel O’Hara at Parker Industries.

8 Daredevil

Another hero that has become a staple of the Marvel Universe and became a legacy lived up to in Marvel 2099 was Daredevil. Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who protected Hell’s Kitchen and the world (at times) as the infamous Daredevil inspired many in the years after his tenure as the hero.

Interestingly two separate people took on the Daredevil 2099 mantle. The first was the grandson of Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin, who felt remorse for the actions of his grandfather years ago. The second was the grandson of Matt’s friend Foggy Nelson, who fought corporate criminals of Alchemex in New York City in 2099.

7 Moon Knight

There have been many heroes who briefly appeared in the Marvel 2099 universe with new versions of themselves, and although their appearances were brief, they had a lasting impact on the course of the Marvel 2099 universe. One such hero was the Moon Knight 2099 hero.

This version of the infamous vigilante hero was a woman who took on the mantle herself and fought to protect the innocent and punish the guilty in the lunar city of Attilan. Originally appearing in a one-shot comic in 1998, the character emerged as a hero in 2015 in Spider-Man 2099’s original series.

6 Hulk

One powerful hero who had a much different approach to his heroic persona than his predecessor in the main Marvel Universe was Hulk 2099. Studio executive John Eisenhart for Lotusland Productions began studying and researching the Knights of Banner, a group of migrant worshippers of the original Hulk, Bruce Banner.

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After failing to secure the rights to their story, he reported them to the police, but this led to violence that left John wracked with guilt, leading him to join the Knights to help their cause. Another knight, Gawain, tried ending the violence by setting off several gamma bombs, but John was caught in the blast and became Hulk 2099.

5 Thor

One of the more interesting aspects of the Marvel 2099 universe has to be the creation of Thor 2099. In the Marvel 2099 universe, an entire religion known as the Church of Thor has been created, and one of the priests of the church, known as Thorites, was a man named Cecil MacAdam.

Worshipping the original Thor, MacAdam was chosen by the CEO of Alchemex to become one of several people to be given the power of the Norse gods. They were brainwashed into believing they were the real Norse gods, and did the bidding of Alchemex as they were kept under control of the CEO.

4 Ravage

One new hero that was interesting to see come to life in the Marvel 2099 universe was Ravage. Originally Paul-Phillip Ravage, CEO of the company ECO, a subsidiary of Alchemex created to combat the threat of polluters, was framed for a crime he didn’t commit when he began questioning the violent methods used by his own company.

On the run from the police and Alchemex, the fugitive Ravage fought alongside an orphan named Dack and his former secretary turned friend Tiana. Eventually his adventures would result in mutations that gave him abilities like bio-energy blasts, enhanced strength and even a healing factor.

3 Ghost Rider

One of the most powerful and unique heroes of Marvel 2099 has to be Ghost Rider. Known to be a powerful demonic based hero in the main Marvel Universe, the 2099 version of the hero is actually based more on technology than the supernatural.

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A hacker named Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane stole information from a company, and was shot as a result. Facing his demise, he downloaded his mind into cyberspace to protect the information he’d stolen. Found by AI living in a hidden sector of cyberspace known as Ghostworks, he agrees to become their avatar in the real world, and is downloaded into a robot body he uses to get vengeance and justice for in the real world.

2 Doom

One shocking hero in the Marvel 2099 universe is in fact Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom. Known in the future as Doom 2099, this Victor appears suddenly in the 2099 universe, younger and with his memories incomplete as to how he arrived there. He later discovers he was badly injured in the past and was put into a rejuvenating pod by his former love interest Margaretta, aka Neon Angel.

Determined to save the world, he decides the best way to do this is by conquering it. He eventually becomes President of the United States, fighting the Corporate Barons who once controlled the nation.

1 Spider-Man

The most powerful and iconic hero of the Marvel 2099 universe is Spider-Man 2099. Otherwise known as Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099 is a brilliant scientist who gained spider-like abilities after rewriting his DNA to end an addiction to a toxic substance his boss forced upon him, only for a jealous co-worker to put 50 percent of his DNA to that of a spider.

Using armor to protect himself and his identity while fighting pursuers from Alchemex, Spider-Man 2099 quickly becomes an inspiration and source of heroics for the Marvel 2099 universe, even causing the Thorites of the Church of Thor to believe him the real Spider-Man resurrected and a sign of the return of Thor.

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