Marvel 2099: Has Marvel's New Future Already Doomed the X-Men?

There are countless potential futures for the Marvel Universe, ranging from utopias to wastelands. One of the most consistent versions of it is the 2099 timeline, a cyberpunk setting full of dangerous and brutal takes on the established Marvel heroes. But with the recent return of the timeline (and apparently now confirmed to be the defacto future of the Marvel Universe), that raises some questions about the effectiveness of the X-Men in the present day.

Does the new 2099 timeline suggest that despite their best efforts, the X-Men won't be able to protect mutant-kind from the coming future?

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In the original 2099 timeline, the fourth incarnation of the X-Men were first formed at the Nuevo Sol Archology. By this point in this reality, mutants had been all but wiped out by the Great Purge, where humanity had turned fully on mutant-kind and executed them in droves. A safe haven for a number of castaways, a number of fleeing mutants were recruited by Cerebra and Desert Ghost. Ghost was a former criminal who'd seen a vision of a potential future paradise for mutantkind, and had dedicated himself to forming a new team of X-Men to make that idea a reality. The team worked with other heroes of the era (such as Doctor Doom, Spider-Man and the Punisher) to save lives, but they often found themselves on the run.

The group went head-to-head with various figures and groups over the years as they tried to reestablish the mutant population. The X-Men were eventually able to make their way to Halo City, a sanctuary built by Doom to act as a refuge for lost souls targeted by the team's enemies, the Theatre of Pain. The X-Men even became the guardians of the city, becoming known as the Protectorate. Cerebra eventually left the group to become the leader of X-Nation, a new alliance of young mutants set up by Doctor Doom. Even at their strongest though, the mutant population couldn't reach the level it once had - eventually ending up in the Savage Land and trying to recreate a new society.

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Recently, the newest version of the 2099 Universe has been established as the set in stone future of the core Marvel Universe. This suggests that the future where humanity eventually turned on the mutant population with a Great Purge that wiped out most of their numbers from around the world will come to fruition. If this indeed is the ultimate fate of the Marvel Universe, then it doesn't look very promising for the X-Men in the present day, especially as they try to make a better future for themselves.

Following the events of House of X and Powers of X, Krakoa has been established as the home of all mutants. They've somewhat separated themselves from the rest of humanity, giving them a place to build their own society. These attempts have led to a new base for the heroes, as well as an established place where they can hold their own. But humanity has already turned their attention to the island and the potential threat they see in mutant-kind. They've targeted them with assassins, even killing Charles Xavier during a surprise attack on the island.

With the 2099 reality seemingly confirmed to be the future of the Marvel Universe, it looks like the attempts to make Krakoa a safe-haven for the mutant race might be doomed from the start. The past lives of Moira MacTaggart have shown that there are potential timelines where mutants can flourish and live into the distant future - if not as the dominant species in the universe than at least as a strong piece of it. But if the 2099 future is the final fate of the Marvel Universe, then there's a chance the final life of Moria McTaggart might be in a world where mutants failed to survive.

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