Marvel 2-In-One Confirms Emma Frost Is Jean Grey's Perfect Opposite

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Marvel 2-In-One #6 by Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung, in stores now.

For the past three issues, Marvel 2-In-One has plunged readers into the heart of an alternate universe that resembles the regular Marvel Universe in many ways, though there are some major differences. For one thing, all active heroes in that world are under the employ of S.H.I.E.L.D. For another, virtually every planet in the cosmos is now gone, with Earth the only one still standing in an infinite sea of black.

This is the result of Doctor Doom, rather than Reed Richards, saving the world from the all-consuming threat of Galactus once upon a time. Unlike Reed's non-destructive solution, Doom used a a transference device to take over the body of Galactus, and though he saved Earth, in the end his hunger drove him to consume the rest of the universe.

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Now, his hunger too great to deny, the Doom/Galactus hybrid has come for the last planet in existence. But this planet is protected by heroes who are more than willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from his threat. But while many characters prove instrumental in defeating the celestial Doom, it's actually Emma Frost, the former X-Men villain turned hero, who unleashes her full heroic potential to save not only Earth, but the universe itself.

As the stars of the series, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and the Doctor Doom from the regular Marvel Universe obviously join forces with the heroes of this alternate universe. Each has a role to play in the events (the Thing's participation is particularly impressive), but the telepathic X-Man is the one who ultimately turns the tide of battle. Thanks to another transference device made by Doom, the former White Queen shoots her own psyche into the body of Galactus, pushing Doctor Doom out and taking his place.

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