Marvel 2-In-One Introduces A New, Logical Use for the Eye of Agamotto

If you were to ask a fan to name one of the mystical artifacts found in the Marvel Universe, their response would more than likely be Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto. Moviegoers were also introduced to the object in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it was altered slightly to be counted among the six Infinity Stones.

In the comics and the movies, the Eye of Agamotto takes the shape and look of, well... an eye. The Eye originally comes from the sorcerer, Agamotto, for which it was named after. It rests inside an amulet on Doctor Strange's chest, and once it's opened it gives off the impression of an eyelid opening.

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The MCU delivered a new twist on the Eye of Agamotto by making it the Time Stone, but a preview for Marvel 2-In-One #7 takes things a step further by finally featuring the amulet in what should be it's most logical function.

I've Got My Eye On You

Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Victor Von Doom and Dr. Rachna Koul's next stop across the multiverse takes them to an Earth where the superhero Civil War played out differently than the one in the Marvel Prime Universe. Instead of Captain America being killed following his arrest, Iron Man is the hero no longer alive, and Steve Rogers is behind bars. And the one hero behind both developments is that Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, wearing the Eye of Agamotto over his right eye.

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There could be a couple of different reasons behind Strange's decision to wear the Eye on his face. For one, perhaps Doctor Strange somehow lost his right eye in combat, and now wears the Eye of Agamotto as a magical replacement. Or, it could come down to a simple fashion choice, preferring to don the amulet on his face instead of around his neck.

What's even more concerning is discovering Doctor Strange took such drastic measures to end the Civil War. In the Marvel Prime Universe, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are affectionately referred to as the "Awesome Facial Hair Bros," in a nod to them both being fans of goatees, beards and mustaches. But here, Strange murdered his brother-in-facial-arms and appears ready to do the same to our universe-hopping Fantastic Four.

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We have to say, the Eye of Agamotto as an eyepiece isn't a bad look for Stephen Strange. Sure, it visually looks cool having the Eye open and bring the focus to Strange's upper-body, but the Eye of Agamotto as an eyepatch gives off a pirate-grifter vibe, which admittedly works for Doctor Strange since the city he's patrolling looks like it came straight out of a Mad Max movie. Lawbreakers better beware, because Doctor Strange has his Eye of Agamotto on you.

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