Marvel Reveals 1,000,000 BC Avengers' Iron Fist, Phoenix & More

Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Marvel Legacy one-shot will introduce readers to an all-new team of Avengers when it arrives in stores this fall, and new artwork released by Marvel over the past two days has been offering sneak peeks at the prehistoric team's roster along with the text, “Who Are The Avengers Of 1,000,000 BC?”

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Today, we have the first look at Mike Deodato Jr.'s designs for Phoenix, Iron Fist and Agamotto. Of all the characters revealed thus far, Phoenix most closely resembles her modern incarnation, which is likely little surprise considering the cosmic entity's tendency to gravitate towards statuesque female red-heads. Agomatto also bears a striking resemblance to his distant successor Stephen Strange, while the female, Asian Iron Fist shares no overt similarities to those who will eventually follow in her footsteps, save for the green and yellow color scheme of her clothing.

Check out all five designs released thus far in the gallery below.

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Still unrevealed are Thor’s father Odin, and the original Ghost Rider. With the story taking place in the past, it is possible these Avengers, minus Odin, are the ancestors of some sort of their current iterations. Billed as telling the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe,” the 50-page one-shot Marvel Legacy from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic promises to reveal how it’s “all connected,” a catch-phrase that is usually reserved for Marvel’s television and feature film projects.

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In June, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso described Legacy as “a new initiative that will take things back to our iconic history, with a firm eye on the future,” adding that “Marvel Legacy will present stories that remind everyone — newcomers and longtime fans alike — why Marvel stands as the premier name in fiction.” He would then go on to say, “Our titles will unearth gems from Marvel’s rich history, remind readers of connections between characters, and usher in the return of some major characters who’ve been missed. Above all else, we want to inject our comics with a massive dose of fun!”

Legacy kicks off in September with Marvel Legacy #1, a 50-page one-shot from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic. The one-shot promises to tell the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscore how “it’s all connected.” The issue will also introduce the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C.

Marvel Legacy #1, by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, arrives in stores Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

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