Marvel: 10 Powerful Weapons That Still Haven't Shown Up In The MCU

Anything in anyone’s hands can be used as a weapon. The very phone you’re probably reading this article on can be launched at someone’s head for a quick few points of damage. For twenty-two films, we watched the heroes of Marvel do battle with very powerful weapons and technology, with a lot of the background plots surrounding the Infinity Stones - each of them a weapon as old as the universe and each with enough power to do some serious damage. Combined, its user can bring catastrophic death of cosmic rebirth.

But the Gauntlet and the Stones aren’t the only destructive forces within the Marvel Universe. There are a slew of magical and mystical weapons that we haven’t seen yet, and some of those might be making their cinematic debut soon. There’s also plenty of technical marvels (no pun intended), and alien weaponry that could spell either doom and gloom, or supreme salvation. There have been some pretty powerful weapons already introduced into the MCU, but here are 10 Powerful Weapons That Still Haven't Shown Up In The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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10 Ultimate Nullifier

Now that the Marvel Mouse House has their Fantastic Four toys back, they can play with all sorts of things like Dr. Doom’s time machine, the Fantasticar, The Power Cosmic, and a weapon so terrifying that it even scares the world devourer, Galactus - The Ultimate Nullifier. It is first seen in the beginning of The Galactus Trilogy when Uatu The Watcher tells the Human Torch to find the device. The Nullifier can effectively eliminate any target the user wants.

9 Symbiotes

Originally introduced during “The Secret Wars,” and then known as the Black Costume, the alien Symbiote bonded to Spider-Man for a while and enhanced all of Peter’s attributes both good and bad. Over the years not only has the Venom Symbiote spawned children like Carnage, it has been revealed that it is a sentient life form from the planet Klyntar.

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When any of these crazy alien globs of goo bond to a host, they can become a powerful weapon, with all kinds of unique abilities; some of which based on the inhabited lifeform. The Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs, for example, become chatty Kathys who blow up while they trash talk.

8 Mandarin’s Rings

Depending on who you speak with, Iron Man 3 was a pretty divisive entry into the MCU. One criticism comes from the big reveal of the Mandarin being played by a hack actor - Trevor Slattery. But that perception might change completely very soon, when he (hopefully) see the ten rings of the true Mandarin in action in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie. Over the course of his history, the Mandarin has utilized ten rings derived from alien origin to help him acquire great strength and wealth through fear and power. Each ring has its own abilities ranging from electricity, ice blasts, mind control, you name it - The Mandarin can most certainly make it happen.

7 Ebony Blade

It was recently announced that actor Kit Harrington is trading in his Crow getup from Game Of Thrones for the Black Knight in the upcoming Eternals movie. It will be the first time that that Black Knight or his Ebony Blade will be realized on screen. The Blade, as far as the comics go is powerful enough to slice right through Adamantium like butter, so definitely look for the Blade to do some serious damage to Vibranium and other powerful weapons currently in the MCU.

6 Jarnbjorn

When Thor met the Guardians Of The Galaxy in Infinity War, he needed to head to Nidavellir to have a new weapon created for him. The Dwarves who once lived on the planet were known throughout the universe for crafting powerful weapons for Asgardians to wield. In the comic books, that meant weapons like Jarnbjorn. Along with Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and several others; Jarnbjorn was a hefty battle axe that Thor used before he was worthy for Mjolnir.

5 Crimson Gem Of Cytorrak

Despite what a lot of naysaying fans might say, Fox had done a fine job producing X-Men movies over the years. One element they didn’t do very well with however was explaining who and what the Juggernaut is and how he came get his powers. The Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak is what gave Cain Marko and whoever else that found the artifact for that matter the unstoppable power of the Juggernaut. Considering its magical elements, the Gem could turn up in a Doctor Strange film, and it would be an interesting way to bring in the X-Men.

4 The Heart Of The Universe

With a name like the Heart Of The Universe, this weapon can be cataclysmic depending on who uses it.

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Anyone that can find and use the Heart would be more powerful than characters like The One Above All and would be able to undo and remake the Marvel Universe however he or she would want.

3 The Tactigon

In the Marvel Universe, Omega Level threats are designated as such for items capable of decimating entire worlds. Who wouldn’t want that kind of weapon? The Tactigon is able to locate any enemy’s weakness and exploit it. It also can enhance any of the user’s own weaponry and change its shape to mimic and mime it’s various users. The sentient weapon is currently owned by Iron Man (because of course it is).

2 The Eyes Of The Watcher

If you ask anyone what kind of superpower they’d want, a lot of people would like to have flight or super strength or a healing factor or any other known and awesome super power. They probably wouldn’t think about having the ability of Uatu, the Watcher. Uatu was tasked with watching and recording the events of our planet and reporting it back to the other Watchers.

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That kind of foresight is more valuable than any sort of world–destroying weapon; which is why Nick Fury decided it would be a good idea to off Uatu and take his eyes, effectively becoming the Earth’s new Watcher.

1 Sentinels

As soon as the MCU introduces the X-Men, the Sentinels will undoubtedly be introduced as well. The titanic Mutant hunting robots are able to adapt and survive Mutant attacks. They play a huge part in the X-Men mythology, especially in classic stories like Days Of Future Past and The Onslaught Saga. All it would take is some kind of technocrat to reverse – engineer the mammoth machines and turn them on all superheroes, which would be a big threat in the MCU.

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