Marvel: 10 Family Connections Fans Forgot About

Despite spanning hundreds of universes and realities, the Marvel multiverse resembles a small town in that every character or team that a hero runs into seems to have a family connection. With the turn over rate as high as it is in super powered aliases, every team has a connection to other teams all across the multiverse.

With so many family members across even just Earth 616, it is easy to forget about all the families and the way they interact with the greatest superhero and supervillain teams Marvel has to offer. Here are ten team connections you may have forgotten about.

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10 Kate Bishop and The Masters of Evil

The leader of the Young Avengers has two connections to The Masters of Evil and a total in if her conscience ever turns on her. Her father, Derek Bishop, raised her in a life surrounded by crime as a top dog in the villainous group. She was so immersed in the crime lifestyle that she watched as her mother, another member of The Masters of Evil, disappeared right before her eyes.

Though she has the in, it is hard to imagine the human hero ever taking it. She's good through and through, in spite of her parents, not because of her upbringing.

9 Ultron and The Champions/Runaways

Henry Pym, despite the villain he would become both to the world and in his marriage, is a man with many family connections across the entirety of the multiverse. His daughter, the Unstoppable Wasp Nadia Van Dyne, is a proud member of the young heroes group The Champions. Lost in the Red Room while still a fetus and now adopted by his ex-wife Janet Van Dyne, Nadia never actually got the chance to meet her father. A heroic team of teenagers on his side is not something Ultron was looking for anyway.

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Teenage teams run in his family, apparently, since he also has a robotic son (son/grandson? it's hard to keep track) in Victor Mancha, the freshest member of the Runaways. Despite his evil intentions, he was spitting out teenage heroes left and right.

8 Juggernaut and The X-Men

He may be one of their most consistent villains (right up there with Magneto and the Sentinels) but even that fact can't deny his familial connection among the X-Men. The Juggernaut, Cain Marko, and X-Men founder Charles Xavier are step brothers, partially grew up together and even served in the military together.

They grew apart during their upbringing as Xavier's homicidal step dad (Cain's real dad) favored him and abused Cain physically and emotionally all through their childhood. Cain nursed a growing resentment towards his brother and while they were stationed in Korea, he took the leap towards getting his Juggernaut powers. He was presumed dead until his first assault on his brother's headquarters. From that point forward, there was never any hope for closing the gap between the brothers.

7 Magneto and The Young Avengers

From Magnus on Earth-27 to Nina Gursky in the movies, Magneto has many children widespread across many universes. None, however, as well known as his daughter, and twin of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch. It is through Scarlet Witch that he has a familial connection to the Young Avengers in the way of his grandchildren Wiccan and Speed.

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This storyline is primarily dictated in the Children's Crusade books where the iconic villain travels with the Young Avengers to try and save his daughter and grandsons in the long run.  While there is much debate throughout the book how they could possibly be Wanda Maximoff's children, audiences left the story unable to deny that Magneto's grandchildren are Young Avengers.

6 Cable and The X-Men

He has been seen fighting with them and he has been seen fighting against them but when it comes down to blood - the X-Men have to be Cable's team. This time traveling anti-hero with a past and a trigger finger is the son of X-Men team leader (depending on the day) Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey named Madelyne Pryor.

Cable, like father like son, has been seen leading several X themed teams from X-Factor to X-Force and has found a place for himself among his family's team, which is not something every character on this list can say.

5 Ant Man and The Young Avengers

It is difficult to keep tabs on who Cassie Lang is going to be from day to day - is she Stature, the Pym Particle dependent superhero helping lead the Young Avengers? Is she going to be villainous as Stinger? Is she dead? Whatever she is, Scott Lang, one of Henry Pym's successors as Ant Man, never stopped being her dad and the Young Avengers never stopped being her team. Ant Man's familial connections with the Young Avengers runs so deep that it was them who were finally able to resurrect him and fix time lines gone astray for one of their beloved founders.

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4 Angela and Asgard

A literal angel from literal Heven, or so she thought, Angela is a near invincible superhero badass from the tenth realm (otherwise known as Image Comics in the real world) and occasional member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Incidentally, it is also revealed much later, she is also the long lost sister of Thor and Loki and daughter of Odin and Freyja.  Though she hasn't seen the Marvel spotlight as often as other Asgardian heroes, she's a powerful ally for them to have on their side.

While she has jumped around from being a member of the Guardians to casually sitting on the throne of Hel, it is important to never forget where she started - as a daughter of Asgard.

3 Wolverine and The Dark Avengers

Everyone knows about Wolverine's top position among America's golden team of superheroes, The Avengers. But the less advertised fact is his family connection with The Dark Avengers, a team primarily comprised of villains pretending to be heroes under Norman Osborne's leadership. Among the team members is Daken, Wolverine's  mutant son, using his father's name as his alias as he helps wreak havoc.

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Though Wolverine and Daken's relationship is rocky, the two have come face to face many times and Daken has even been known to show up for his family in the past whether that's for Logan, Laura or Gabby. Plus, if they could make it through the baggage, having a family member on a  team of villains could even prove useful for a hero of such caliber as Wolverine.

2 Kang the Conquerer and The Fantastic Four

The saying goes 'the apple does not fall far from the tree' but in this case that apple must have caught a nasty wind that carried it cross a planet. This family connection is one that can never be broken no matter how much Fantastic Four founding member Reed Richards wishes it could. Kang the Conquerer, murderer and villain extraordinaire, is Nathan Richards - a descendent of the whole Fantastic Four family.

He is primarily known for fighting The Avengers but throughout his epic time as a villain has fought all the Marvel greats from the Young Avengers to his ancestors The Fantastic Four.

1 Colossus and The Exiles

The Exiles have seen members from all Marvel teams and many Marvel families. The team saw a daughter of Nightcrawler, a son of Magneto and Rogue, and among them a version of Colossus's sister Magik. Though she was resistant to being a member of this team, she was a treasured member of the Exiles and, thus by extension, brought Colossus in as an extended family.

The Exiles are a hard group to catch but as seen with Blink's aunt in the most recent series, they are always there for their family. This version of Magik was killed during her time on the Exiles but Colossus's family connection to that team will never change.

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