Marvel #1 Publisher in October 2016, but BOOM! Had the Best-Selling Comic

DC Comics slipped into the #2 position in October 2016, as Marvel surged back into familiar territory as the best-selling publisher in the Direct Market. However, neither publisher commanded the #1 selling comic for the month.

Thanks to its inclusion in October's Loot Crate, BOOM! Studios' "Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York" crossover debuted as the top-selling comic for October. Final sales numbers have yet to be released, but given the size of Loot Crate's audience, a number over 500,000 is likely.

Marvel grabbed four of the remaining slots, with "Champions" #1 and "Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme" #1 debuting in the 2 and 3 positions, respectively. "Civil War II" #6 ranked seventh for the month, with "Darth Vader" #25, the series' grand finale, landing at #8 on the charts.

DC maintained a strong Top Ten showing, with "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #6, "Batman" #8 and 9, and "All-Star Batman" #3 all landing at the top of the best seller chart. Image Comics' "The Walking Dead" #159 was the month's tenth-highest seller.

Marvel Comics' saw "Civil War" #5 take the #4 position, while Image Comics' perennial best-seller "The Walking Dead" re-entered the top ten with #158 landing in the #6 slot.

Though it had nothing to do with the new team save for the same name, Marvel's collection of classic 1970s "Champions" stories was the biggest seller on the graphic novel chart.DC Comics' Direct Market shares dipped in October, to 30.70% dollar share and a 34.76% unit share, while Marvel increased to 35.89 % in dollars and 36.58% in units. Image was third, making up 9.45 % of the market in dollars, and 8.83% in units, increasing over September due in large part to the continuing success of "The Walking Dead."

Overall sales were up over September, with monthly comic sales increasing by 18.42% in dollars and 18.38% in units. Compared to October 2015, sales increased by 5.74% in dollars, and 13.61% in units sold.

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