Marv Wolfman Returns to "Cyborg" with April's Issue #10

Marv Wolfman will reunite with Cyborg a month sooner than expected. The veteran comics writer will take over for a three-issue stint on DC Comics' "Cyborg" series with April's issue #10, as reported Friday by Newsarama. Previous series writer David F. Walker was originally solicited as writing that issue, with Wolfman solicited as taking over with May's issue #11.

Wolfman co-created Cyborg with artist George Perez, and was first seen in 1980's "DC Comics Presents" #26. Wolfman wrote the character as part of the duo's famous "New Teen Titans" run. The character is set to be part of the big-screen Justice League as part of the DC Films slate, as played by actor Ray Fisher.

"It's always a thrill when something you co-created continues to live on," Wolfman told Newsarama. "You try to do your best and hope people like it, but we created Cyborg back in 1980 and for him to not only survive, but thrive some 36 years later, is unexpected as well as truly amazing."

Walker announced his departure from "Cyborg" in February via Twitter, stating that issue #9, scheduled for release on March 23, was his last on the book, and citing "just time to move on" as the reason.

It's not yet known who will take over "Cyborg" following Wolfman's run, as the book is slated to relaunch in the fall as part of DC's "Rebirth" initiative. "I've been asked to write three issues," Wolfman said. "It would be wonderful to become Vic's regular writer again but that's up to DC. Hopefully, they'll like what I do. I've been asked to do through #12."

"Cyborg" #10, written by Wolfman and illustrated by Felipe Watanabe and Oclair Albert, is scheduled for release on April 27.

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