Marv & Miho Feature In Lost "Sin City" Video Game Designs

Simon Lissaman's designs include extensive exploration of Marv and Kadie's Bar

Although fans continue to wait for news on a "Sin City" film sequel, there's one project based on Frank Miller's iconic graphic novels that will never see the light of day. In 2007, production began on a "Sin City" video game by obscure publisher Red Mile Entertainment. Unfortunately, the game was eventually cancelled in 2008 with no real details about gameplay ever revealed. While fans can only imagine what a gaming sojourn into the world of "Sin City" would be like, concept artist Simon Lissaman has given a few frames of reference to the design of the game.

Nixel Pixel has posted a full gallery of concept art for the "Sin City" game including face designs for Marv, environment designs for Kadie's Bar and full character sketches for many other "Sin City" mainstays including Miho and Shellie.

According to an old Reuters interview with Red Mile President and COO Glenn Wong, the game was based solely on the graphic novels and was licensed by Frank Miller.

"It's just one of those calls you have to make in the games industry," Wong said in 2008. "We decided that the 'Sin City' graphic novels, with their dark images and nonlinear stories, would work better as the basis for an interactive game."

The studio's initial goal was to release the first installment before 2010. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day and fans can only hope another studio will take on the task of bringing Miller's creation to consoles.

Stay tuned to CBR for more details on the cancelled "Sin City" game.

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