Martian Manhunter, Elektra, Smallville, Batman Begins: December 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


E Online has an article about why J'onn Jonzz barely gets any love on the big or small screens. "The Martian Manhunter is the Shemp of the Justice League," said Mark Evanier in the piece. "Martian Manhunter is one of the seven original members of the JLA, the all-star superhero collective founded by DC Comics in 1960. The other founding heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and the Green Lantern. Each character has a movie on the way, a deal in the works or a rumor in the mill. You know, unlike Martian Manhunter."


Superhero Hype has the latest trailer for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film, as well as previous trailers and featurettes, in a multiplicity of formats.


Actress Allison Mack was interviewed in the latest Smallville Magazine, and Kryptonsite has excerpts where she discusses the character's future. "That's totally unknown. That's something that myself and the writers are discussing, throwing out ideas, trying to figure it out. There's a lot of options. There's a lot of things that can happen to this girl. The only thing that I find odd is that she doesn't end up in the future Superman storyline, so unless we want to go back and rewrite the Superman story and include the character of Chloe, there's going to have to be some serious changes in her life, where something causes her not to end up in Metropolis at the Daily Planet as everyone thinks she will be."


Two news bits on the Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation. First, there's a better look at the toys from the film at Legions of Gotham. Second, even though the film has yet to see the light of day, they're talking sequel at Batman-On-Film. "BATMAN characters. Seems that there could be some overlapping with these characters in the two sequels, but each will be the main baddie of separate films. It also seems now that their appearance will occur in a different order than what I was led to believe previously. One of these characters relationship with Bruce Wayne will be developed in the next film--much like it is in the comic books. Both of these potential Bat-villains were in the previous Burton/Schumacher films. Revenge is a strong theme, or so I've been told, in the next two movies. As far as Chris Nolan, he's not signed to return -- yet. Word has it that he's apprehensive about doing a sequel or two. No doubt WB wants him to return, have asked him to return, and will throw huge coin at him to return, but nothing is for sure. In that regard, I've heard that WB may have a contingency plan in place for director. One last thing I've heard in regards to sequels -- NO DAMN ROBIN. Not that I'm a Robin-hater or anything like that."


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