Married with Sea Monsters brings 'Face It Tiger' to life

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As Tim mentioned earlier today, the "Spider-Gwen" character that debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 last week has resonated with fans in a way we haven't seen since ... well, since the recent redesign of Batgirl. Writer Jason Latour was sharing fan art of the character on his Tumblr long before she debuted last "Gwensday," as people really got into Robbi Rodriguez's design of the alternate universe Spider-Woman.

As Spider-Fan and comics blogger Mark Ginocchio noted, "Edge of Spider-Verse #2 may be one of the few times that I can remember where the Spidey fan base was totally titillated by comic’s solicitation, bowled over by the preview art, and still went on to absolutely love the comic once it was published."

One of the things I loved about the comic was the debut of The Mary Janes, a rock band made up of women from Peter Parker's past -- Gwen, Glory Grant, Betty Brant and of course Mary Jane Watson, who belts out lyrics like, "Face it tiger, this is your shot; face it, tiger, it's all you got." If you'd like to hear what that song might sound like in real life, the Waco, Texas indie rock band Married with Sea Monsters has recorded their rockin' rendition of the song:

This isn't the first time the band has found itself crossing over with the world of comics or even working on something created by Rodriguez; last year they released a concept album/soundtrack for Rodriguez's Frankie Get Your Gun webcomic. Rodriguez also directed the video for the song "Josephine" off that album, which you can watch right here. I was going to suggest that they make a video for "Face it Tiger" featuring Rodriguez's art, but I'm sure some enterprising fan is already working on that.

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