Marc Maron Confirms His, Robert De Niro’s Joker Movie Casting

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Rumors abounded that Marc Maron and Robert De Niro would be joining the cast of Warner Bros.' solo Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. Following reports the two were in talks with the studio, the rumors have now turned out to be true.

On Maron's WTF Podcast he confirmed all rumors of his involvement with the film. He and the celebrated Oscar-winning actor are a part of the cast.

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“It is true people," Maron said. "It is true ladies and gentlemen, I have been added to the cast of the new Joker movie being directed by Todd Phillips, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. Two of the greatest actors that have ever graced the screen.”

The comedian and star of Netflix's GLOW previously criticized superhero movies but praises the script for this one. “This is the movie that it’s going to be in, and hopefully it will make the cut, and honestly, it’s a pretty great script. So there you have it,” he said.

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In addition to directing, Todd Phillips co-wrote the film, which is said to be more of a grounded crime film and an origin story is expected to begin shooting in September.

Maron was reported to be considered for the role of a booking agent that gets the Joker on a late-night talk show hosted by the De Niro character. The scenario sounds like another nod to Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns where Joker committed murders as a guest on a talk show to draw out Batman.

The film titled simply Joker is slated for release on October 19, 2019.

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