Origins of Harvey Kurtzman’s A Christmas Carol Adaptation Revealed

Harvey Kurtzman's planned adaptation of A Christmas Carol has finally been completed -- nearly 25 years after the legendary cartoonist's passing.

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This week, Marley's Ghost debuted as a digital-first title on comiXology as part of the comiXology Originals line. It's a graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which has its origins in a partial manuscript by Kurtzman, the founding editor of Mad. CBR has he first look at an essay by Kitchen Sink Press founder Denis Kitchen on the origins of Marley's Ghost, which was first conceived in 1954 -- Kurtzman wanted to produce a graphic novel version of A Christmas Carol, but the concept of a "graphic novel" didn't exist at the time.

Kitchen came into possession of the manuscript for Marley's Ghost shortly before Kurtzman's death in 1993. The completed Marley's Ghost was announced last year along with the initial news of the comiXology Originals line, with the story finished by artist Gideon Kendall and writers Shannon Wheeler and Josh O’Neill.

The 120-page, 60-years-in-the-making Marley's Ghost is on sale now via comiXology for $2.99, and available via the comiXology Unlimited service. ComiXology has provided CBR has a look at Kitchen's essay detailing the origins of the adaptation, published as part of the book, along a look at some of Kurtzman's original thumbnails.

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