Markosia's "Breathe" Coming April 2007

Official Press Release

Markosia Comics is pleased announced that its much anticipated four issue mini series, Breathe, is due to be released in April 2007.

John Sheridan creator, writer and newcomer is joined by artist, Kit Wallis, known for his work on Image's Wonderland and creator of APComics' Monster Club .

The protagonist , a young girl of thirteen, Mi Ling, is called back to her village to discover that her family have been killed. Who is to blame… the local gang employed to keep the village from revolting due to their poverty or someone closer to her?

The book, prior to its US debut, has been optioned by several foreign publishers and Markosia's Publisher, Harry Markos, comments on the feedback that the book has received at shows and conventions as well as from third parties.

"To celebrate the launch of the series, Markosia produced a 24 page preview edition for the London Movie and Comic Expo and the book sold extremely well. In fact one comic shop owner was so impressed that he purchased 50 copies to sell at his store and over the weekend the book proved very successful."

"The contrast between Kit's artwork and the dark story is quite remarkable. We're labelling Breathe a mature readers title and we can reassure readers that there's no shocking violence or any sex scenes. John and Kit have skilfully crafted a delightful story. Readers will see this young girl go through every human emotion you could possibly imagine."

This is the first outing for writer, John Sheridan, and already he's been a busy guy. A lengthy interview with Comics International is surely the tip of the iceberg for the Scottish based scribe.

"I've been overwhelmed at the response we've had so far with the book. I can only thank Markosia's team for taking on the project. Harry Markos has been very positive about the story and has supported my ideas, even when we touched on subjects in Breathe that would be considered 'taboo'. I must also thank Rich Emms for teaming me up with Kit Wallis and giving me some ideas for Breathe as originally it was written as a screen-play for TV rather than a comic book series. It's been a joy to work with them all and hopefully they'll let me bring some more concepts to the table".

Kit Wallis, known for his artistic contributions to Wonderland , a book he co-created with Derek Watson and published by Image, as well as the first five issues of his hit creator-owned book Monster Club, which has been green lit to become a CGI animated movie. Wallis also contributed to Antartic Press' "How to Break Into Comics" a book he devised with Chris (Action Man, Mr.T) Bunting.

"When Rich (Emms) approached me about doing this series I had to give it much consideration. Image has been interested in a sequel to Wonderland and I wanted to get started with that, but after reading the synopsis I felt that Breathe was the right gig for me. I've always wanted to do a Joshua Middleton minimalist style in a book and I'm sure fans of Josh's style will see many comparisons within the book but I've also tried to give it the "Wallis" look as well."

On commenting about his future, Wallis responded.

"John has already been in touch about another project that he'd like me to draw, but I do have several options for next year. The Wonderland book seems likely but there's also the art direction on the Monster Club movie. 2007 seems to be a very busy year for me."

Markosia's EiC, Richard Emms adds to the buzz that Breathe seems to be building.

"In an industry that is full to capacity with super-hero books from the big two and the rise of 'manga' that appeals to readers of all ages and both sexes, Breathe comes at a very important time for Markosia. We've tried to follow the big two and produced some great hero titles, but however great these stories are, one fact remains; they need to be commercially viable to continue and to build a readership and our business."

"Markosia's most successful books to date have been The Lexian Chronicles, Dark Mists and the massively popular Starship Troopers license. It doesn't take a genius to work out that not one of these books are of the super-hero genre and if that is where the company's strengths lie, we have to follow that route to stay in business and continue with our plans for the graphic novel and book market."

"Breathe will appeal to all kinds of readers and we're pinning high hopes that it becomes a success for us not only within the US comic book market but within foreign territories. Time will tell and the sales within the USA will show if we're correct in our assumption or barking up the wrong tree."

Breathe #1 will feature two covers by Kit Wallis and ships in April 2007 and priced is at $2.99/£1.85p.

Written/Created by John Sheridan

Art by Kit Wallis

Edited by Phil Rippke

EiC - Richard Emms

Publisher - Harry Markos

Published by Markosia

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