Markosia Kills Bigs Good! Starship Troopers To arrive in stores in March

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Official Press Release

Markosia Enterprises can officially reveal that the first issue ofStarship Troopers : Blaze of Glory has sold way beyond its expectationsand can now reveal that it is to produce a second series based on the cultsci-fi book and film of the same name.

Markosia is being very tight lipped over the success of the first issuebut can assure retailers that an overprint of 10% has been produced ofeach cover just in case of re-order activity.

The first issue is to be showcased at the forthcoming New York CityComicon on February 25th where Markosia will be exhibiting. The Britishbased company has also produced a special edition of the first issue withcover art by Mike Bowden, a young Brit talent who has signed on to do thesecond series of Starship Troopers.

Bowden, based in the south-east of England, is a newcomer to the world ofcomics. Markosia's EIC Richard Emms says "Mike is incredible,once the big guns get to see his work they will be queuing up toemploy him".

The second series, written by Tony Lee, will ship in the fall of 2006 andwill feature the art of Bowden and color talents of Kieran Oats who hasbeen colouring the successful Midnight Kiss series, also written by Lee.Markosia's MD, Harry Markos comments on the success of the first issue."When we received the numbers from DCD we were blown away. We wereexpecting at least 50% of the amount that was officially ordered, so it'sgreat to know that retailers are willing to back a relative newcomer tothis industry".

"Starship Troopers is a great license and the creators have produced abook which is second to none, which they should all be rightly proud of".

Starship Troopers #1



Art - Sam Hart

Digital Paints - Rod Reis

Colors - Kieran Oats

Written by - Tony Lee

Shipping March 31st 2006 (USA)

Shipping March 1st 2006 (UK)

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