Mark Waid is Irredeemable, BOOM! is apparently crazy

BOOM! Studios has pulled back the curtain to reveal what MarkWaidisEvil.com is all about, as the site is now sporting an animated gif that reveals a new comic called Irredeemable by Mark Waid and Peter Krause:

You might remember back during San Diego, Waid asked fans to let him know what kind of comics they'd like to see from him. Earlier this month I interviewed Chip Mosher, BOOM! Studios' sales and marketing guy, and when I asked him what genres people had suggested, he said:

Basically the fans came back with every genre you could think of. You know the success of BOOM! stems from us doing what other companies don’t. We do high-concept genre books that exist somewhere between the Big Two and the indie art comics scene. It’s a space that we just flat own. And I think that’s part of the genius of Ross and Andy’s original vision for BOOM! You know, why would you want to do an ongoing superhero comic and compete with the Big Two? They are experts at that. They do that every day. You’d be crazy to compete with that. Which is why what we do at BOOM! works so well. They don’t do what we do. We don’t do what they do.

So I guess this makes them crazy? Although having Waid write superheroes -- or villains, it appears in this case -- isn't what I'd call crazy. Especially with John Cassaday doing the cover.

Update: BOOM! sent out a press release and artwork from the book tonight, which you can find after the break ...

Brace yourselves for a comic industry event: BOOM! Studios presents a new monthly ongoing superhero series from Mark Waid - IRREDEEMABLE!

With IRREDEEMABLE, Mark Waid dares to ask the question: what if the world's greatest hero decided to become the world's greatest villain? IRREDEEMABLE is a "twilight of the superheroes"-style story from the writer of KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE!

IRREDEEMABLE #1 will feature variant covers by John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN, PLANETARY) and Barry Kitson (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) in a 75/25 split. The first twelve issues of the series will feature incentive covers by hot newcomer Jeffrey Spokes that will spell out I-R-R-E-D-E-E-M-A-B-L-E! The first issue incentive cover will be a special 1-in-50 rarity with every copy signed by Mark Waid. IRREDEEMABLE issue #1 will also feature a special afterword by Grant Morrison.

Peter (POWER OF SHAZAM) Krause has committed to doing the interiors for the first twelve issues.

"In superhero comics, pretty much everyone who's called upon to put on a cape is, at heart, emotionally equipped for the job. I reject that premise," said series writer and BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. "IRREDEEMABLE is, in a way, my third and most complex chapter on the cost of superheroics - a pulp adventure tale of horror exploring how the lessons we learn about right and wrong as children can become warped and twisted when challenged by the realities of the adult world. "

"IRREDEEMABLE is a fresh start, a way to enjoy superhero comics without forty to eighty years of back story and following dozens of titles," said BOOM! Studios managing editor Matt Gagnon. "It's the superhero book fans have been waiting for!"

IRREDEEMABLE #1 features variant covers by John Cassaday and Barry Kitson in a 75/25 split with incentive covers by Jeffrey Spokes and is a "Featured Item" in the Diamond Previews Catalog with an order code of FEB094134.

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