EXCLUSIVE: Mark Waid's Ignited #1 Gets SDCC-Exclusive John Cassaday Variant

Ignited #1, by writers Mark Waid and Kwanza Osajyefo and artists Phil Briones and Andrew Crossley, gets an exclusive variant cover for Comic-Con International in San Diego 2019 from Astonishing X-Men's John Cassaday.

The variant cover will be available for purchase at Humanoids' booth (#2001). A print will be given out by the publisher during the Cassaday/Waid signing on at 7 P.M. on July 17. The print will also be given out to those who attend the H1 panel at 5:30 P.M. on July 20, as supply allows.

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"Himari and her surreal powers visually lend themselves to the spotlight of a variant cover," Cassaday said of the cover. "The story of Ignited is fairly heavy and I wanted to remind the reader of the joy that these young characters are earning day by day, issue to issue."

"I've been coming to SDCC since I broke into the industry there in 1996," he continued. "It's one of my favorite times of the year and I'm especially excited to be returning in my role with Humanoids and the H1 line."

Waid added, "In recent years, I’ve been attending SDCC on my own recognizance, so to speak—a nomad floating amongst the crowd. It feels good to have a place to plant my feet where we’re doing some exciting things, publishing comics like no one else is publishing. Everyone on the H1 books is at the top of their game, and I’m proud to be a part of that."

You can see the cover and read a summary of the comic below.

Welcome to the H1 Universe and Ignited, Humanoids' first ever ongoing super-powered series-brought to you by an explosive team: writers Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and Kwanza Osajyefo (Black AF), and artist Phil Briones (Aquaman), with covers by John Cassaday and Yanick Paquette. It's the first day back at Phoenix Academy High, but this year there's no back-to-school excitement in the air as returning students and faculty are haunted by memories of last year's horrific attack. So many friends and colleagues were lost, and some of those who survived underwent changes; they Ignited, gaining supernatural abilities they barely understand. Little do they know this is just the beginning.

Ignited #1 released on June 4, with issue #2 following on July 2.

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