Mark Wahlberg 'Not Attached' to Uncharted Movie

It's been awhile since the movie based on the video game franchise “Uncharted” was announced -- and since then, only Mark Wahlberg's name has been floated to play the lead character, Nathan Drake. Well, despite a nearing production start, it looks like Wahlberg is out of the running.

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Wahlberg, star of the upcoming "Transformers: The Last Knight," who many had considered to be one of the more ideal candidates to play the charming thief, was recently asked about the project, and confirmed he is not attached at this time. Speaking to We Got This Covered (in a video you can watch, below), Wahlberg said that, although he had been connected at various points in the film's development, he isn't set to star in "Uncharted."

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According to various reports, production is set to begin on the film next year with Joe Carnahan set to pen the script and Shawn Levy attached to direct. Regardless of the Wahlberg set back, there's still plenty of time for the cast to be named -- and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Wahlberg sign on at some point, as it would benefit Sony to try and snag an actor with a large box office draw -- especially when dealing with a franchise as popular as “Uncharted."

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