Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg to Team For 'The Six Billion Dollar Man'

Mark Wahlberg will reunite with his Lone Survivor director Peter Berg for The Six Billion Dollar Man, a big-screen update of the popular 1970s television series, Deadline reports. The duo's involvement has been rumored since at least July.

Several writers are said to be circling the Dimension Films project, which will star Wahlberg as astronaut Steve Austin who, after sustaining severe injuries in a horrible crash, is given bionic replacements for right arm, left eye and both legs. With enhanced strength, speed and vision, he becomes a secret agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.Based on the Martin Caidin novel Cyborg, The Six Million Dollar Man aired from 1974 to 1978 on ABC, with Lee Major in the title role. The series spawned a spinoff, The Bionic Woman, merchandise, comic books and a trio of made-for-TV movies. However, previous attempts to adapt the show for film have been unsuccessful; Kevin Smith wrote a movie script in 1998 that eventually was transformed into a comic book.Universal Pictures is expected to help finance the production.

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