Fine art painter and comic book illustrator Mark Texeira will be attending HeroesCon June 20-22 in Charlotte, North Carolina. And even better news for fans: To mark the occasion, he'll be unveiling three new art prints as well!

Known for his stunning interiors on "Ghost Rider" and "MoonKnight," and his fantastic cover work on "Red Sonja," "Vampirella," "Ghost Rider," and more, Texeira has always been a fan fave at shows and on the book stands. Not to mention that his convention commissions are always wildly popular! Just check him out on www.comicartfans.com and you'll see why!

A featured guest at last weekend's Knoxville AdventureCon, Tex will also be at Heroes Charlotte all three days of the show signing and sketching. He will have a limited number of his new prints--all three of which are full color on Irish Linen, archival paper, signed by the artist.

For those of you waiting on the book about the artist, you can also own more of Mark's stunning work in the upcoming art book "Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira--The Artist's Great Escape" from Vanguard Productions, written by Renee Witterstaetter with Texeira; and the new "Creator Chronicles" DVD on the painter from Woodcrest Productions, both due out later this year.

Texeira will be on hand all days of HeroesCon, along with other fantastic comics creators: Michael Bair; June Brigman; Scott Campbell; Nick Cardy; Tommy Castillo; Frank Cho; Darwyn Cooke; Amanda Conner; David Finch; Dick Giordano; Michael Golden; Craig Hamilton; Cully Hamner; Adam Hughes; Robert Kirkman; Michael Avon Oeming; Jimmy Palmiotti; Jason Pearson; Steve Saffel; Steve Scott; and Brian Stelfreeze among many others.

In addition, look for some Texeira original work, in the legendary art auction Saturday night!!! Want to know more?

Check out: www.heroesonline.comFor more information on Mark Texeira and his work, go to: www.evaink.com

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