Mark Russell's "The Flintstones" Comic Series Adds Steve Pugh as Artist

"Animal Man" artist Steve Pugh will join "Prez" writer Mark Russell on DC Comics' new "The Flintstones" comic book series.

"The Flintstones" will kick off with a 40-page extra-sized premiere issue, which follows Fred and Barney after Mr. Slate orders them to show some Neanderthals around and hopefully convince them to work in his quarry.

According to the official series description,

Fans will be introduced to the town of Bedrock, where Paleolithic humans dine on artisanal prepared mammoth after shopping at the Neandertall & Big Men's Clothing stores, get the latest news via cave painting, and folks drive foot-powered cars. Join Fred and Barney as Mr. Slate sends them on a mission to show some Neanderthals a night on the town in hopes of luring them into this new system of "working for a living" -- in his quarry, of course! Find out what happens to Fred and the gang when they finally get to learn how Bedrock's "one percent" lives in this satirical take on life in the world's first civilization this summer!

"The Flintstones" #1 goes on sale July 6.

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