Mark Ricketts offers up "Dioramas, A Love Story" at Image Comics

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 20 April, 2004 -- Traumatized by the murder of her partner, ex-cop Charlotte Ramage would like to put the past behind her. But her worst nightmare, the monster who killed her partner, is in love with her. And no admirer expresses his love quite like Winfield Vickers: He's a serial killer with a highly evolved aesthetic sense and enough repressed desire to make Freud wince.

In short, he's a madman in love. DIORAMAS, A LOVE STORY is written by Mark Ricketts, writer of the hit Image Comics graphic novels NOWHERESVILLE and WHISKEY DICKEL, INTERNATIONAL COWGIRL and recently announced as the new writer of Marvel's Iron Man.

Charlotte's on again/off again boyfriend, Detective Sean O'Herlihy, has considered dating other women, but he's afraid he's only attracted to women in pain. And if that's the case, he has history with Charlotte. Why fix what ain't broke?

The highly evocative DIORAMAS [FEB041312] is illustrated in captivating style by new sensation Dario Brizuela. It weighs in at 144 crime-filled pages, and it's scheduled to go on sale April 28 with a cover price of $12.95.

"This new book is rather unconventional," Ricketts said. "It's a mystery in the tradition of Mulholland Drive or Eyes Wide Shut. Nothing is as it appears to be. Both the story and its characters have a dissociative disorder. Sure, it's a crime story. But it's also a subtly expressionistic mind game."

The dictionary describes dissociative disorder as being characterized by sudden temporary alteration in consciousness, identity or motor behavior, and that's just a bit of what you'll get in DIORAMAS, a love story.

"I'm really excited that Image had faith in this book," Ricketts said. "I think it says great things about a company and the people who run it that you can find such diversity there."

Find out what critics already know, and what made Brian Michael Bendis say, "Mark Ricketts is one of the singularly most talented people in comics."

DIORAMAS, A LOVE STORY arrives in stores on April 28.

These acclaimed Mark Ricketts graphic novels are also available from Image:

WHISKEY DICKEL, INTERNATIONAL COWGIRL ISBN: 1-58240-310-X Order Code: JUN031335 $12.95

"The highest praise I can give WHISKEY DICKEL is that it's a ton of fun. Ricketts is a master at twisting convention to suit his needs, and he's done so here by giving us the twisted cowpunk 'origin' of Ms. Dickel. And he's tossed in the fast-paced beginning of a romantic rodeo action-adventure, to boot." - B. Clay Moore, HAWAIIAN DICK

"WHISKEY DICKEL is worth the price if only to have what amounts to a kickass all-star theme sketchbook of international cowgirls." - Randy Lander, Snap Judgements/The Fourth Rail

NOWHERESVILLE ISBN: 1-58240-241-8 STAR15904 $14.95

"A great story. Nowheresville is one of the freshest riffs I've read in a while. Mark Ricketts has a keen eye for the dark places and a sharp ear for the beat of speech. This thing throbs." - Brian Azzarello, 100 Bullets, Batman

"Ricketts is creating a realer-than-real era steeped in culture. It's an amalgam of murder and mood.... " -Comic Shop News

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