Mark Paniccia Confirmed as Senior Editor of Marvel's X-Men Line

Marvel's X-Men line is now under new leadership. CBR News can confirm that Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia has moved to the X-Men titles, joined by veteran X-books editor Daniel Ketchum.

Paniccia has been at Marvel for a decade, but hasn't previously worked on any X-Men series. He's overseen the Ultimate Comics line, promoted to wrap up with the currently unfolding "Ultimate End" miniseries, since 2009, and has also recently edited "Hulk" and "Fantastic Four." He's already credited on the X-books, with his name appearing in "Old Man Logan" #1, released this past Wednesday.

An X-books vacancy was created when former Marvel Executive Editor Mike Marts, who supervised the X-Men and cosmic titles, left the publisher to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the newly formed AfterShock Comics.

"With the upcoming demise of the Ultimate Universe, [Paniccia] has some extra bandwidth... but not quite enough to handle the entire X-Men line on his own," Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told CBR in this week's installment of AXEL-IN-CHARGE. "That's why we shifted Daniel -- who is a full Editor -- over to work in Mark's office. Daniel assisted me for a couple years so I know he's got game, he worked his way up to Editor with great work, and he's very experienced with the X-Men. This is a chance for him to shine. I really like what Mark and Daniel are up to. It's been a very productive few weeks."

While there are many X-Men-related series running during "Secret Wars," the status of the books -- like the rest of Marvel's publishing line -- after the universe-melding event is currently unclear, with writer Brian Michael Bendis, who has written the flagship X-titles since fall 2012, leaving the franchise with October's "Uncanny X-Men" #600. Keep reading CBR for the latest on the future of the X-Men books, and the rest of Marvel's titles.

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