Mark Millar's 'Wanted' by four publishers in December

Sunday morning Mark Millar release details of four new titles you can expect from him this December, published through four different company, but linked together by a Millar World logo in the corner of each issue. The full text of the press release is reprinted below.

Official Press Release

Some interesting news for December. As you may have heard whispers aboutthese last few months, I've been putting together art teams for mylong-promised creator-owned projects. I've also been talking to variouspublishers about a pan-industry initiative I've been developing where eachbook appears from a different company, but gets linked together by a littlewww.millarworld.biz logo in the corner of each cover. Although each of thesetitles is creator-owned and independent of the others in a story sense,there are little hints that connect the titles and what I've essentiallydone in this sense is create the first industry-wide crossover.

December is going to be a big month with regard to my new Marvel project,but I think they're holding off until Wizardworld before making any kind ofannouncement. On the creator-owned front, the companies I selected for eachof these projects are Top Cow, Dark Horse, Image and Avatar. Each project,like I said, is self-contained and can be read on their own, but the linkgoes beyond the little story hints mentioned earlier. In what I suspect is aunique move, each of these projects will be carrying ads for the otherprojects in the line even though they're all coming from several differentcomic-book companues. Obviously, an Avatar book isn't going to sell as muchas a Top Cow book, but hopefully the advertising in both will bring newreaders to both companies.

When you're writing books like The Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men and so on, it'seasy to play it safe and just write top five titles all the time, but Ithink that's slightly immoral when you've come from the small press sceneand worked your way up through smaller publishers. What I'm trying to dowith the Millarworld line is balance my career in the same way GeorgeClooney did by balancing Ocean's Eleven with his own projects likeConfessions of the Dangerous Mind. I'm not interested in creating somethingnobody's going to read. These titles are the kind of superhero and horrorcomics I've always wanted to write, but I want to own them too and alsoproduce the kind of material that might be impossible from the big two. Thelearning curve that began for me with The Authority and was carried throughUltimates kind of peaks with the books I've got planned here. WANTED, fromTop Cow, is the superhero book I planned to follow The Authority with beforeI went to MArvel and I've been plotting it for three years. Similarly, thecontent for THE UNFUNNIES (from Avatar) is just so extreme that neither ofthe big two publishers would be allowed to print something of this nature.

I've been working on this initiative for some time and the scripts aremostly done. Likewise, the artists have all started and most of the serieswill be completed or near completed by the time the first issues hit thestands (I've learned a lot from working with these last two years). It's byfar the biggest thing I've ever done and the biggest thing I've ever beeninvolved in so I'm as excited as Hell at the prospect of what we might beable to achieve here. We've been promised features in Wizard, Rolling Stone,The Sunday Times, Abercrombie and Finch, etc, to promote the line so I thinkwe might be sitting on something potentially enormous here. As has beenreported elsewhere, Eminem appeared in a UK newspaper last month talkingabout how he wanted to buy and appear in the movie version of WANTED so theheat seems to be spreading before information on the titles has even beenreleased. Information on the Marvel project won't be given untilWizardworld, but details of the other titles are as follows:

Writer Mark Millar (The Ultimates)/ Artist JG Jones (Black Widow)

Get ready for the next generation of superhero comics. This mature readerstitle finishes what started with The Authority and continues with TheUltimates as Mark Millar gives you super-people as you've never seen thembefore. The gloves are off for this six issue series that's been describedby the Sunday Times as 'Watchmen for Super-Villains'. Six issues. Monthly.


Writer Mark Millar/ Artist Peter Gross (Books of Magic)

Imagine you were a twelve year old boy from smalltown, USA, who just foundout you were the returned Jesus Christ. Chosen is a three issue series thatkicks off with this premise and explores where he and his family go fromhere. It's Stand By Me meets the Book of Revelations as a kid finds out he'sthe real deal and has a terrifying destiny ahead of him. This Harry Potterfor fundamentalist Christians. Three issue horror series. Monthly.


Writer Mark Millar/ Artist Anthony Williams

Leave your taste at the door. The Unfunnies is a shock to the senses unlikeanything we've ever seen before in the comic-book medium. 'Horror needs tobe horror', insists Millar. 'The Unfunnies is the most uncompromising thingI've ever written and I'm immensely proud of it, but slightly worried aboutpeople reading it. It's really THAT fucked-up.'Imagine Magnolia or Happinessdrawn in the style of Scooby Doo and using a combination of Looney Tunes artwith real world photographs designed by animator Anthony Williams. Fourissue horror series. Monthly.


Four self-contained one-shots coming out through 2004 and part of the newwave of superhero thinking that begins with WANTED. Essentially, these areall adult, 21st century updates of the old 20th century concepts Marvel andDC have had such success with since the 1930s. The first book is called RUN!and is a completely, completely new way of looking at super-speed. Theartist for this book is the brilliant Ashley Wood and the title ships inDecember. The next three titles (next release being POW!) are alsoself-contained and will be drawn by John Cassaday (Planetary, CaptainAmerica), Frank Quitely (The Authority, New X-Men) and afourth superstar artist who can't be named at the moment because he's stillunder contract elsewhere. Four self-contained one-shots starting in Decemberand running through 2004.

As you might have heard, the www.millarworld.biz site is undergoing afacelift at the moment and we're coming back soon with an expanded line-upof features including a monthly magazine format. Each of these titles willbe heavily advertised on the site and lettered previews of each series willbe available for downloads here in the week prior to the wizardworldconvention in Chicago. Also, it's worth pointing out that none of thesebooks will interfere with my current commitment to Marvel Comics. Thesetitles have been mostly written and, by the time they appear, announcementswill already have been made regarding my next two Marvel titles. I'mplanning to make a MAJOR commitment to Marvel at the end of the year, butthese are books I've wanted to do for years and I just needed to get themout of my system first.

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