Mark Millar's Vampirella #1 Sells Out

Official Press Release

[Vampirella #1 by Chiodo]Timonium, MD - After a year long publishing hiatus, Vampirella #1 has become one of the fastest selling comics of the summer. "The return of the classic Vampirella character has met with overwhelming success," Brand Manager Steve Leaf said. "Even with four variant covers, our Diamond inventory has been rapidly depleted."

"We've given the fans what they want," Harris Comics Editor-In-Chief David Bogart commented. "Mark Millar delivered an incredible story, but the retailers we spoke with cite Mike Mayhew's art as the prime reason why the comics are flying off the shelves."

Diamond has worked with Harris to try and obtain any of their remaining print run, Leaf added. "If we receive any inventory, we expect it to sell out in rapid order. I hope retailers now realize the quality of this series and increase their orders on issues #2 and #3. Retailers should contact their Customer Service Representatives at (800) 45-COMIC to increase orders for the following products:

Item Code Vampirella #2 Regular Edition JUN012188

Item Code Vampirella #3Regular Edition JUL012107

Harris Comics is offering a limited preview of the issues on its website. Retailers and fans can now preview pages of both of the issues at: http://www.vampirella.com/issues/preview/

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