Mark Millar's Millarworld Launches Talent Search

Mark Millar has created some of the most successful and beloved creator-owned characters of the last decade. Under his Millarworld banner, he's introduced comic readers and movie-goers alike to "Kick-Ass," "Kingsman," "Wanted," and more. Now, he's giving fans an opportunity to work with him by launching a world-wide talent search.

From September 28 through November 30, Millarworld will be accepting artist and writer submissions for a chance to contribute to the "Millarworld Annual 2016" comic. "There seems to be a real disconnect between genuinely talented and skilled students at schools, colleges and universities getting in to the comic-book industry," Millar explained in a press release. "I want to provide a platform to enable these creative people to showcase their talents and, most importantly, to get published and paid."

A shortlist of six writers and six artist will be selected and paired up. Their work with specific Millarworld characters will be published in "Millarworld Annual 2016," and they'll be paid the going rates for DC and Marvel starters ($90 per page for writers, $200 for artists.) Submissions are currently being accepted now for artists, with writer submissions opening next week. Artists can submit here, while writers will be able to enter here. The contest is said to be the first of what will be an annual talent hunt undertaken by Millarworld.

"Working in comics is the best job in the world. It's what I've wanted to do since I was five and it's genuinely a thrill to switch on my computer every morning," Millar went on. "If I can help in some small way to get other people started with this special annual every year it'll be an honour. I really couldn't recommend this career more highly."

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