Mark Millar Praises The Wolverine, Saying It's 'Going to Surprise People'

What are Mark Millar's most anticipated movies of 2013? It should come as no surprise to learn that they're all comics-related, and most of them are somehow tied to him.

"Looking forward to: In 2013? Kick-Ass 2. There can be only one," he wrote on MillarWorld. "Also buzzed about Superman and - the big surprise, I think - The Wolverine. The script is amazing and Mangold is such a brilliant director. Seen the first 10 mins and it looks like David Lean doing a superhero movie. This the one that's going to surprise people. This and First Class were Year Zero for the Fox Marvel movies as far as I'm concerned."

Millar wrote the Kick-Ass comics, so it shouldn't come as much of a shock to learn that he's stoked to see that film finally hit theaters. He also is acting as Fox's consultant for their Marvel films, which may explain some of the enthusiasm for The Wolverine. We'd have to agree with him about both those film, though, because they are shaping up to be pretty fantastic -- as is Man of Steel, unless director Zack Snyder manages to mess it up.

In addition to the films he's most looking forward to, Millar talked about the movies he loved the most in 2012. Number one was The Grey (directed by almost-Daredevil helmer Joe Carnahan, we should note), number two was Chronicle and number three was The Dark Knight Rises. "Controversial, I know," Millar wrote. As for the year's biggest misfire, Millar lists off The Amazing Spider-Man and Men In Black 3.

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