Mark Millar Has 'No Plans' to Work For Marvel or DC Ever Again

Mark Millar doesn't intend to write DC or Marvel comics again, opting instead to focus his attention on his Millarworld deal with Netflix.

With DC's Superman: Red Son and Marvel's The Ultimates, Civil War and "Old Man Logan" among his long list of credits, Millar's work has served as inspiration for multiple film adaptations. However, he doesn't intend to return to either publisher, apparently ever.

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Responding on Twitter to a question about writing again for DC, where he worked on such titles as Superman Adventures, Swamp Thing and The Authority, Millar revealed he is only concentrating on Netflix, which announced the acquisition of his Millarworld imprint in August.


Under the terms of the Netflix agreement, which marked the streaming service's first major acquisition, the co-creator of Kingsman, Wanted and Kick-Ass will continue to release new comics under the company's banner. In November, Millar announced he'll team with artist Olivier Coipel for The Magic Order, the first Millarworld project to be published by Netflix.

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Some earlier Millarworld projects like Kingsman and Kick-Ass aren't included in the Netflix acquisition, as their film rights are already held elsewhere.

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