EXCLUSIVE: Millar Preps Secret Comic Sequel As A Netflix Christmas Surprise

Writer Mark Millar has never been one to shy away from stunts to promote his work. But for the next comic coming from his Netflix imprint Millarworld, he's changing up from his typical modus operandi.

Rather than making a big announcement with his typical fanfare, this time Millar's not revealing what the comic series (touted as a sequel to a past Millarworld effort) will be until it arrives in stores Christmas week.

Mllar revealed to CBR that when the December Image Comics solicitations arrive to retailers this week, the new Millarworld secret sequel will be teased only with wrapping paper an an offer of full returnability for shops that don't sell out their stock.

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“We’ve actually rarely done sequels at Millarworld," the writer explained. "Kick-Ass and now Chrononauts, of course, but generally we’ve been laying all the groundwork and only now getting to the big sequels and this is a big one for us. It’s something I’m asked about all the time. Every time I go to a convention. I’ve been really dying to get into it so getting it down on paper is fantastic."

Millar kept his cards very close to the vest when talking about what this project would be aside from the return of more than just characters. "The only clue I can give is that we’ve got the same artist back from the original run and he’s just blown us away with this. I don’t think any comic has ever been solicited so blind, but I love the idea that nobody will know what this comic is until they open their boxes in the stores on the Wednesday before Christmas. The beauty is it’s returnable so there’s no risk on the part of the retailer, and it’s actually just crazy exciting to me going into the store that day cold and finding out what the Hell this is. Comics needs a little shake up like this every now and then. Just thinking outside the box. So this is a little Christmas present for fans. No hype. No teasers. No previews."

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But with many of Millar's previous books now in the filming pipeline at his parent company, the writer did admit this secret title would provide a tie-in to some kind of streaming project coming from Netflix. "We can’t even say the creative team without giving this away, but I’ll give the tiny, tiny tease that the original it’s in our first slate of Netflix shows and movies. This means it’s a sequel to either Jupiter’s Legacy, Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, American Jesus, Reborn, Supercrooks, Empress or Huck? You decide!"

The new Millarworld series will be ready for sale on December 18, 2019 from Netflix and Image Comics.

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