Mark Millar Explains How That Millarworld Crossover Could Happen

Comic scribe Mark Millar is known for bombastic comic books, ranging from superhero epics such as Civil War to Old Man Logan. His influence on modern superhero movies such as Marvel Studios' The Avengers is also very obvious, but things have been kicked up a further notch with the sale of his Millarworld comics imprint to Netflix.

However, with his focus not on just making TV shows for the streaming service, he's made it perfectly clear he's still going to be doing a lot of comics under the Netflix banner, as per The Magic Order (which will deal with modern magicians in a fantasy-crime setting). But while it may not be anytime soon, the writer still wants to go back to his archives and crossover some of his old Millarworld properties in big events.

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"They really do all fit together and it would really be fun to get them all together at some point too. But it’s basically very simple. They all take place here in the real world, and that’s that," Millar said in an exclusive interview with CBR. Millar indicated that it would come down to matching the different types of stories though, as the Millarworld universe boasts space operas (Empress, Starlight), time-traveling stories (Chrononauts) and of course, grounded action stories (Kick-Ass, Huck, Nemesis).

"They’re all here in a world like we inhabit, with the exception of Jupiter’s Legacy and Supercrooks, which are just entertainment," Millar said. "But the Chrononauts, Kick-Ass, Huck, etc. are all here and so are the Magic Order. I don’t think it’s wise to have them all meet anytime soon, though. Instead, I’d like to introduce them and maybe have them meet in pairs so everybody gets great screen time."

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Millar went on to describe some of the ways in which character from the various Millarworld franchises might meet up.

"Empress is set on Earth 65 million years ago so that seems a great Chrononauts adventure," Millar said. "Nemesis fighting Hit-Girl would be great. There’s loads of fun stuff we can do. The plans are immense, and The Magic Order is where our Phase Two begins. Jump in on the ground level. This is the next ten years of what you’re going to be obsessed with."

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