Mark Millar is Hunting For a New "Hit-Girl" Artist

When contractual obligations left the artist he had in mind unavailable for the next "Hit-Girl" series, Mark Miller simply put out the call for a new one, on his message board.

"Instead of messing around emailing people privately I thought I'd just do a big shout out right now to the comic-book community," he wrote this morning on Millarworld, where he noted a "spectacular" writer is already attached to the project.

Of course, Millar isn't looking for just any artist: He requires someone who can produce eight issues a year on a monthly deadline -- and who can start in about four weeks. In exchange, they'll be paid $10,000 per issue, plus royalties.

"This is 4 or 5X Marvel or DC starter rates and twice what most of their artists are getting paid," Millar wrote, "so I'm expecting someone who already has a big body of work and experience. That said, I am always excited at finding new talent."

Interested artists can post sequential samples on the Millarworld thread, or send them privately to Millar through one of the forum moderators. He's hoping to find an artist this week, so you'll need to move quickly.

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