Mark Millar's Hit-Girl Is Taking a Page From Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller

In this new series, Hit-Girl (aka Mindy McCready) frees one of Colombia's most notorious hitmen, Fabio 'Mano' Mendoza, after her attempts to find a new Kick-Ass failed. It's also because, well, she's gotten lonely fighting crime by herself. It turns out she kidnapped another killer by the name of Juan, only to instruct Mano that if he doesn't help her on her crusade, she'll detonate charges rigged to him using GPS-technology. To illustrate her point, she blows Juan up in front Mano's eyes, leaving the murderer no choice but to enlist in her plans to take out the cartels.

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This is exactly the kind of lethal blackmailing we've seen Waller use in the DC Universe when it comes to her Suicide Squad, from the comics to the cartoons to the movies. However, while Waller is basically composed and calculated, Mindy seems to have undergone a borderline psychotic shift, even hallucinating her dead dad at times.

Ultimately though, she's applying the same forceful principles as Waller's, wielding them as a means to an end. But instead of using Mano for shady, selfish missions like Waller does with her prisoners, Hit-Girl's using Mano to kill rival Colombian and Mexican gangs, promising him freedom in seven days if he helps her clean up the streets. Issue #3, though, really shows how cutthroat and Waller-like Hit-Girl has become when Mano tries to betray her.

She tasks Mano with killing one of Colombia's biggest gang-leaders and a dear friend, the Flamingo, as well as his posse. Shockingly, Mano breaks radio-contact with his handler when he meets his targets, throwing a wrench in the violent hostage situation Hit-Girl's got him entangled in. He evens the playing field by grabbing the crime-lord's two-year old baby, thus preventing Hit-Girl from detonating the bomb, as she wouldn't want to kill an innocent. Mano then spills the beans to Flamingo's men, and they all join forces to shoot up the truck Hit-Girl's in. She barely escapes but ends up being captured.

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But as Mano and Flamingo's crew begin gloating, Hit-Girl places Mano on a call with an accomplice who has been working with them all this time. Mindy reveals that her ace in the hole, Mrs. Gallo, is watching Mano's little brother and aspiring gangster, Jorge, ready to kill him if the criminal does indeed betray them. Mano's in shock at how the duo have covered all angles and to save his brother, he quickly turns on Flamingo's crew, killing everyone except the baby.

What Millar does here is have Hit-Girl clearly sending a message to Mano that she is ready and willing to go the full distance and without conscience when it comes to keeping him under control. We know she isn't bluffing, because Mrs. Gallo is actually the mysterious woman who brought Hit-Girl to Colombia; a mother in mourning after her son was innocently executed in the past by Mano himself in what seemed to be a rite of passage for gangsters.

So rather than using Mano for self-gain like Waller would, it's about revenge for a family and justice for the vigilante herself. With Hit-Girl now set to unleash Mano on his own family and former boss, El Padre, it's sure to be an explosive finale, and one that may well change Mindy forever given that the path she's taking seems to be getting darker by the moment.

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