Mark Millar Hides "Jupiter's Legacy" Golden Tickets Worldwide

Ahead of the release next week of "Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2" #1, writer Mark Millar has announced he hid "golden tickets" in several cities across the globe, a la "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

The tickets are redeemable for a special signed copy of the issue and a personalized sketch from series artist and co-creator Frank Quitely.

"Millarworld spies have been working overnight in Glasgow, Jakarta, Chicago, Dublin, Melbourne, New York City, LA, London.....hiding secret copies of brand-new Millarworld release Jupiter's Legacy 2 Issue 1," Millar wrote on his Millarworld Forum.

He also provided clues to the issue's location in each city. To confirm their victories, fans who discover the copies are instructed to post photos of themselves holding it to the forum thread.

As of this writing, the copies hidden in Hamilton, New Zealand; Moscow; and London remained to be found. The clues for these locations are:

Hamilton, New Zealand:It's just a jump to the left

Moscow, RussiaCrossing their tools, this proud French couple look over Mother Russia. You will find the treasure beneath sickle and hammer.

London, UKThe tube is a stop on the central line, famous for boxing once upon a time. Across from The Salmon you'll find a park, pick up the treasure before it gets dark.

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