Mark Millar Explains <i>Kick-Ass 2</i>

Wondering where Kick-Ass in its second outing? Mark Millar has been spilling beans, and for those of you who thought he might give up quoting other movies in his plots... Sorry.

Millar eagerly explained to Movieweb that the sequel to Kick-Ass is really more about the true breakout character from the original:

We left things off with [Hit Girl] being adopted by this extremely nice man. He is a cop. And she has to stop killing people, you know? That seems like an interesting starting point in the next one in regards to her character. She is going to be like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, where she hasn't picked up a gun in years. It's that type of thing. I like the idea of doing that with an eleven year old girl.

And if Hit-Girl was a... well, hit, how will audiences react to evil Hit Girl?:

[Red Mist] is a guy who has had his entire family killed by Hit Girl. He heads off and develops his martial arts skills. He learns how to become a better villain. That type of thing. He is going to come back and wreck unholy vengeance on our team. But in reality, he just comes back and gets stoned, and he spends a lot of money. He can't do anything, so he hires this bad ass girl from Russia, she comes into the story, and her plan is to kill Hit Girl. Red Mist becomes like Charles Manson. He goes on-line and influences a bunch of young villains to go against Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. The whole thing ends up as a big gang fight like you'd see in The Warriors.

So it's superhero Unforgiven meets The Warriors with a teenage Charles Manson somewhere in there...? Worryingly enough, this sounds like it'll be a massive hit...

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