Mark Millar Confirms the Return of the Magic Order

WARNING: The following contains minor spoilers for Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel's The Magic Order.

Since it launched last year, The Magic Order has been one of Millarworld's best-selling books. While the series marked Netflix's first foray into original comic books, the franchise, which combines the magic of Harry Potter with the violent family drama of The Sopranos, writer and creator Mark Millar confirmed that the series would return for a second volume.

While Millar teased the future of the series in the backmatter of The Magic Order #5, Millar casually announced that he had started working on the next volume while chatting with fans on Twitter. As he was binge-watching television and recovering from the flu, he said that he was able to knock out a few hours of work on The Magic Order.

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"Started it Jan 2nd," Millar further tweeted. "Done about a week's work on it in 20 days (15 pages). Still recovering."

The Magic Order #5 painted a brutal betrayal with the villainous Madam Albany dealing the Moonstone family a huge blow in their quest to stop her from murdering elite wizard families, which certainly sets up a mouth-watering finale.

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With Albany seemingly poised to win the day, it sets up a bloody climax that may shape a follow-up story about the remaining Moonstones exacting revenge on her.

Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel's The Magic Order #6, the last issue of the current volume of the series, is set to be released on Feb 13.

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