Mark Hamill Reveals How He Came to Die in the "Kingsman" Comic Book Series

In February, Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' Icon Comics series "The Secret Service" became a box office hit under the title "Kingsman: The Secret Service." As "Star Wars" legend Mark Hamill appears and dies in both, EntertainThis! sat down with Hamill, Millar and Gibbons to find out just how that came about.

The first issue of "The Secret Service" opens with a dramatic chase scene, where a member of the Kingsmen rescues Mark Hamill from a group of terrorists, only for Hamill to plunge to his death during the escape. "It literally went right up to the night before the comic was going to the printers," Millar recalls in the video. "I just remembered I didn't have [Hamill's] permission and I didn't know Mark Hamill. But, luckily, he was a friend of a friend and I managed to get his phone number."

Hamill, who appears as himself in the comic and is a big comic book fan in real life, shares, "[Millar] said, 'Basically you've been kidnapped as a celebrity and you're rescued by the Secret Service and there's this mad pre-title sequence that emulates the 'Bond' films where you're spirited away on a toboggan and there's this dash down a mountainside in the alps. There's a spectacular sequence and then you go sailing out over a cliff and plummet to your death.' Well, that's unexpected."

The film adaptation starred Colin Firth and earned over $400 million the global box office. Released on February 13, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" was directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, who co-wrote the script with Jane Goldman, and also starred Michael Caine and Mark Strong. A sequel to the film is in the works.

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