Mark Hamill presented with a custom Joker lightsaber

Mark Hamill is beloved for his role as Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" saga, but for a generation of Batman fans he's also the definitive Joker, having voiced the villain for the past 25 years in animated series and films, and in video games. Over the weekend at "Star Wars" Celebration Europe, those two iconic properties merged in one wonderful custom collectible.

Ken Hampton of Hampton's Hand-Crafted LED Sabers, whose work we've featured before, presented the actor with a mash-up Joker Lightsaber commissioned by his customers for Hamill.  The piece features a purple grip, "Ha Ha Ha" lettered in green on the fore grip, and Joker cards etched onto the "emitter shroud." And at the press of a button, Hamill can hear his own Joker laugh.

Hampton captured the presentation to Hamill on video, where it's obvious the actor is very tired but also very touched by the gesture.

"Oh, no, that's for me?" he says, wide-eyed, after handing the lightsaber back. "Oh, you guys, I can't take gifts like this." In the end, however, he did accept it, saying, "No more of these gifts. I appreciate it, but that's gotta go in like a museum or something -- I'll put it on my 'Pop Culture Crush' show."

Watch the video below.

(via nerdbastards)

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