Mark Hamill Becomes a Knight Templar in Knightfall Season 2 Trailer

A teaser for the new season of History Channel's Knightfall offers a better glimpse of Star Wars legend Mark Hamill as his character Talus.

Complete with narration, something he has storied experience in, the Star Wars actor steps into familiar territory between the beard and regalia, but here he trades his lightsaber for a crusader sword.

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Talus is a battle-scarred veteran of the Crusades who was once captured and tortured. Now training the next generations of knights, he takes grievance against one pupil named Landry (Tom Cullen), who breaks his sacred vows and loses face. By the sound of things, Talus doesn't believe Landry can be saved and casts him out.

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Showrunner Aaron Helbing chums the waters, saying the two don't like each other and may cross swords down the line. Of the new season, Helbing described it as “darker, grittier and more action-heavy” in an earlier interview.

Taking place in the 1300s, Knightfall centers on a group of Templar knights standing between kingdoms and the Church when the Holy Grail is discovered. Its second season is scheduled to premiere this spring on History Channel.

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