First Look At Mark Hamill in Medieval Drama Knightfall

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A promo picture of the History Channel’s next season of Knightfall gives audiences their first look at Mark Hamill’s character, Talus.

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Talus is described as a seasoned veteran and master swordsman who serves as the chief trainer for a new generation of the Knights Templar. He’s also covered in scars, leftovers from his time as a knight fighting in the Crusades when he was captured and tortured for years on end. “He takes pride in the scars,” new showrunner Aaron Helbing shared with TVInsider, “because they made him who he is.”

One of his pupils in the upcoming season will be Landry, a former master who broke his vows and has lost his standing with the Templar. Helbing teased that he and Talus will not exactly get along, and may even have to face one another down. “The whole season is darker, grittier and more action-heavy,” said Helbing.

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Knightfall centers around a number of the Knights Templar, a Christian band of soldiers in the 1300’s who find themselves torn between kingdoms and the Church when the Holy Grail is found.

The second season of Knightfall is scheduled to be released on the History Channel in spring of 2019.

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