Lightsaber v Vibranium: Hamill & Evans Debate Which Fantasy Weapon Is Stronger


Which is strongest: a Jedi’s lightsaber, or Captain America’s vibranium shield? That is the question that stars Mark Hamill and Chris Evans tried to answer Wednesday night.

The debate ignited on Twitter, following a now-popular image featuring a father’s message, revealing that he had no idea what to answer his son when asked which was strongest, the lightsaber or the shield. Naturally, fans brought the question to the attention of Mark Hamill and Chris Evans, who each had their own opinion on the matter.

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Ever the class act, Hamill began by pointing out that Luke Skywalker would never actually fight a fellow hero. But, if he were asked to destroy the shield, the actor believes the Jedi weapon would make an easy pray of Captain America’s signature shield. “He could cut it into a million little pieces,” Hamill wrote.

However, Chris Evans wouldn’t take this blatant direspect lying down. The Marvel Cinematic Universe actor was quick to answer Hamill, by saying: “Foolish. Now I have vibranium ninja stars.” The Jedi may be able to destroy the shield, but by doing so, he only makes the Captain more dangerous, with many more weapons to fight with.

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It seems this debate will never really be settled until both characters face off on the big screen. Luke Skywalker vs. Captain America. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Who knows, perhaps we could see that in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

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