Mark Hamill Talks About Batman: The Animated Series' "Lost" Episode

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Batman the Animated Series is one of the most acclaimed and iconic DC cartoons of all time.The  Emmy-winning 1990s cartoon launched DC's Animated Universe and is still a fan-favorite today. While many fans have watched the entire series multiple times, there's one "lost episode" of the show that even the most dedicated fans might've missed.

Like so many shows with devoted followings and storied history, Batman: The Animated Series also has what can be called a lost episode. One man seeing it for the first time is someone very close to the show: the voice of arch-villain Joker, Mark Hamill.

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The 17-minute quasi- episode is made up of somewhat grainy cutscenes from the 1994 Sega CD video game The Adventures of Batman and Robin for Sega CD. Reacting to a compilation of the game's cutscenes, Hamill recalls doing voice work for the game's cinematics, but never saw or played the finished product. Over the weekend, the legendary actor tweeted about it and recalled the time he referred to Batman as "guano."

The Sega CD was a Sega Genesis add-on that was capable of playing full-motion video and served as a precursor to modern disc-based games. This well-reviewed Batman game was one of the first titles that followed an in-depth narrative complete with actors' performances.

In addition to Sega CD, The Adventures of Batman & Robin was released on the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Super Nintendo. While Sega CD has the only version of the game with full-motion video, the game became a collector's item in recent years.

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Although it doesn't include the "lost" episode,  Batman: The Complete Animated Series was recently remastered in high-definition and released on Blu-Ray.

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