Mark Evanier's long-running CBG column to be put to bed

After a long and healthy run at Comics Buyer's Guide, Mark Evanier has chosen to bring his column, "Point of View," to an end according to a message left on his Web site. Evanier has been a weekly staple in the magazine, sharing opinions on a range of topics from comics to magic, and has been cited by many as one of the main reasons to read the magazine.

"I've received around three dozen e-mails asking why I'm discontinuing my column for the Comics Buyer's Guide...and I really have received at least that many," Evanier said on his POVOnline Web site. "Usually on the Internet, when someone says, 'I've been flooded with messages,' it means three or four e-mails. (If they say, 'I've been flooded with messages that agree with my position,' it means two.)

"Thank you all for saying you'll miss it and I wish I could answer your questions with some juicy, scandal-ridden story about why I quit. The truth is that I was having some unremarkable contractual problems with the publisher that killed my interest in continuing with them. The details are of no consequence. At some point, I'm going to start looking for a venue where I can resume the column...perhaps somewhere I can write about a wider range of subjects with a wider range of language. Until that happens -- assuming it ever does -- I'll be posting silly stuff on this website."

When contacted for comment Evanier had nothing further to add.

According to the Web site his last column for CBG will also be his 382nd.

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