Marjane Satrapi's 'The Voices' Goes to Lionsgate

Add The Voices to the list of films picked up in the wake of Sundance. Variety reports Marjane Satrapi's supernatural comedy, which stars Ryan Reynolds, has been acquired by Lionsgate six weeks after its festival premiere.

Satrapi, who made her directorial debut on the animated adaptation of her graphic novel Persepolis, worked from a script by Michael R. Perry, who penned Paranormal Activity 2 and created the ABC series The River.

The dark, supernatural comedy features Reynolds as a guy whose dog and cat talk to him. When he falls for a woman in his factory's accounting department, the animals give him the good pet/bad pet routine, which leads him down the road to murder.

Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick and Jacki Weaver also star in The Voices, which doesn't have a release date.

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