Maris Wicks kicks you outside with 'Yes, Let's' picture book

There's more to life than staying indoors. And while comics fans might be typecast as more of the shut-in type, there's more to us than that -- but even for the reclusive among us, this book's for you.

Yes, Let's is a new picture book, illustrated by Maris Wicks and written by Galen Goodwin Longstreth, that follows a family's day trip into the woods where a sing-song-type rhyming dialogue complements the adventures they're drawn into. Here's an excerpt of some of the text:

Let's get into the station wagon, roll those windows down,Let's sing out loud and wave to cows as we drive out of town.Let's park the car beneath the trees and trade our shoes for boots,Let's set the timer, all say "Cheese!" then head into the woods.

Although not comics in the traditional sense, it tells a story using words and pictures, and Wicks is herself a comics creator -- and this makes a great read for a comics fan or just someone who wants something for the family. The book even gives you a list of things to bring for your next outdoor trek. Here are three double-page spreads from the book:

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