Marion Cotillard Isn't Sorry For Lying About <i>Dark Knight Rises</i> Role

Virtually from the moment she was cast in The Dark Knight Rises, Marion Cotillard was dogged by questions about the nature of her role and whether, in fact, Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate was actually Talia al Ghul, daughter of Bruce Wayne's mentor turned enemy Ra's Al Ghul. The French actress, who worked previously with director Christopher Nolan on Inception, insisted that her character was "a good guy" who “was not based on a character of the comic" -- going so far as to emphatically deny to MTV reporter Josh Horowitz that she was lying.

Fast-forward to this week, when Horowitz sat down with Cotillard to discuss her new film Rust and Bone, only to ask her about that not-so-convincing lie.

"I knew one day I would have to face you," she said. "It was at the Contagion premiere, wasn't it? I know. I totally remember, and in my head I was like, 'Some day you will meet that guy again.'"

So does she feel bad about? Just a little bit? No, not really. "I would've done the same," Cotillard said. "What if I'd told you, 'Yeah, of course, I'm like based on the --'?"

That's OK, Marion, you're forgiven.

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