Mario Ruiz launches Valor Comics

Official Press Release

Some ideas are just too good to let die. Which is whyartist and idea man Mario Ruiz decided he couldn'tstay away from the drawing board for very long. Thefounder and former driving force behind Metron Press,publisher of the critically acclaimed Samson: Judge ofIsrael and Testament, had found himself without acreative home after editorial differences with hisformer company forced him to rethink his situation.His vision for telling important and entertainingstories just wouldn't die. Which is why he decided toform his own publishing company, Valor Comics.

"I took some time to regroup and gather my thoughts. Ieven distracted myself for a while with fishing andplaying semi-pro football, the latter not being thesafest thing to do." the artist stated recently in aninterview at his home in Upstate New York, "I hadcreated in my head and heart a set of stories thatjust had to get told. I created Valor Comics as aplace where I could let these stories out." So Ruizput pencil to paper and began sketching what wouldbecome the Jesus Christ: Son of Man trilogy. Using theBible as his inspiration, the artist created a uniqueworld, a place where the Roman Empire had neverfallen, where Jesus had not yet been born. "I waslooking for a way to tell these stories witha modern, relevant edge to them. In the case of theJesus Christ: Son of Man trilogy, I decided to do itby showing readers what it would be like if the eventsof 2000 years ago never happened. Basically, I wantedto take the greatest stories ever told and presentthem in a way that would make them exciting and realto people today, to people who might not otherwisegive God, the bible or history a secondthought."

With his ideas and designs in hand, Ruiz then wentlooking for a writer who could help him bring hisstories to life. Fortunately, Jerry A. Novick, hisstorytelling partner on Samson: Judge of Israel, wasavailable. "I remember that when we were working onSamson, Jerry said he wanted to do something that wasdifferent than the things he had worked on before,that were more than just comic book superherostories," Ruiz recalls." When Mario told me he wasputting his efforts into a new publishing house, Iknew I wanted to get on board," Novick said. "And whenhe told me his ideas for the Jesus Christ: Son of Mantrilogy, I knew it was something different, a type ofstory that nobody else had tried to tell before."

Currently Ruiz and Novick are fleshing out the art andscript for all three books in the series-Magdalene,Jesus Christ: Son of Man, and The Revelation of JohnDevine. Each will be presented in graphic novel formatwith full color art. The first, Magdalene, tells thestory of a young woman whosedesperate circumstances lead her down a dark path.Jesus Christ: Son of Man, the centerpiece of thetrilogy, relates the coming of a charismatic preacherwho turns the life of a Roman general on its head. Andin The Revelation of John Devine, Ruiz and Novickfollow a detective as he tries to hunt down a brutalkiller who is bent on unleashing Hell on earth.Look for all three books starting in the summer of2005 at comic book shops and specialty bookstores. Formore information visit www.valorcomics.com

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