Marguerite Bennett and Andy Smith Join "Earth 2"

Following multiple series announcements and creative team changes, DC Comics continues to make October a newsworthy month for its publishing line: DC announced Wednesday a shift on "Earth 2" via Comic Vine, adding Marguerite Bennett as a co-writer and Andy Smith as series artist -- replacing Nicola Scott, who had been on the book since issue #1. Writer Tom Taylor remains on the series.

"I want to say a huge thank you to Nicola for everything she's brought to 'Earth 2' and for everything she leaves behind," Taylor told Comic Vine. "Nic has spent years helping to shape an entire world and its heroes. It's now time for her to go play on other worlds and create all new icons (although she plans on spending an entire Tuesday on a couch first)."

This marks Taylor and Bennett's second Earth 2-related collaboration debuting in October: They're both also part of the writing team for the weekly series "Earth 2: World's End," along with Daniel H. Wilson and Mike Johnson.

"As 'World's End' begins, I'm rapt to be working closely on the monthly book with another friend and great talent, Marguerite Bennett," Taylor said. "And everything I've seen of Andy Smith's work tells me that Nicola is leaving our world in great hands."

Smith, who has more than 20 years of experience at a variety of comic book publishers, talked to Comic Vine about following Scott on the series.

"I have some big shoes to fill in regards to Nicola's work on the book," Smith said. "She has done a magnificent job of visually creating and designing Earth 2. She has laid down a very solid foundation with the characters and settings that I hope to build upon."

The new team is set to debut on "Earth 2" #27, scheduled for release on Oct. 8.

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