Margot Kidder Isn't a Fan of Man of Steel's Lois Lane

Although many other performers have played Lois Lane over the years -- from Teri Hatcher to Kate Bosworth -- Margot Kidder perhaps remains the most iconic. After all, Kidder played the role on the big screen from 1978 to 1987. In a new interview with HeyUGuys, Kidder shared her thoughts on the most recent actress to portray Superman's love interest, Amy Adams.

"They took one of the best American actresses around...and didn’t give her anything to do!" she says of Adams' performance in "Man of Steel" and this summer's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." "They made her what used to be the girlfriend, which kind of ended in the '60s with women’s rights."

That description is a far cry from Kidder's portrayal in Richard Donner's "Superman" and its three sequels, where the actress portrayed the scrappiness, humor, and courage that have long made Lois Lane a feminist icon and not just Superman's girlfriend. Still, Kidder recognizes that her time in the role isn't beyond reproach either.

"It was not a very good movie," she says of 1987's "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace." "The theme of it appealed to me but the writing was not good."

The entire interview is worth a read, as it touches on Kidder's stint on "Smallville," why the original "Superman" film works so well, and if she'll ever return to the franchise.

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